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Prosecutors said there was no evidence of direct actions by Basciano or Salvation Army officials to support a criminal verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.But a civil trial carries a lesser burden of proof - something is more likely than not - and the plaintiffs' lawyers say they can prove that all defendants participated in a negligent chain of events that led to the collapse.If the jury finds one or more defendants liable, the trial moves into a penalty phase, in which the jury will decide about awarding damages. In addition to Plekan, 11 people injured in the collapse are suing: Nadine White, Linda Bell, Bernard Di Tomo, Jennifer Reynolds, Felicia Hill, Rosemary Kreutzberg, Rodney Geddis, Shirley Ball, Betty Brown, Margarita Agosta, and Richard Stasiorowski.The plaintiffs include the families of the six killed in the collapse: Juanita Harmon, Borbor Davis, Mary Simpson, Roseline Conteh, Anne Bryan, and Kimberly Finnegan. Being sued are New York real estate speculator Richard Basciano and several of his companies, which owned the building that fell on the thrift store; the Salvation Army; Plato A.For many people, the phrase 'Salvation Army' conjures up images of bell ringers at Christmas time or a place to take donations of unwanted stuff.

The Salvation Army's theology was radical for its time.

The mission of this agency is to provide cost free, comprehensive services to victims of abuse and domestic violence, and to educate others about domestic violence in order to promote prevention.

This includes a safe residential facility and crisis hotline, available at all times, to all people.

"It's an opportunity we have yet to experience, as the city of Philadelphia, to have everything brought before the jury and everybody's conduct gets evaluated," said Andrew J.

Stern, the lawyer for Mariya Plekan, a regular thrift-store customer buried in the rubble for 13 hours, whose lower body was amputated at the hips.

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