Scam asian internet dating sites

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East Meet East is the number one site in North America that caters to the Asian dating community, and it’s quickly expanding into other countries.

East Meet East is all about helping you find someone who understands you, someone who’s had a similar upbringing and relatable moments in life.

You will also find these sites referred to as Asian Beauties or Asian Beauties and Asian Date or Asian Date or Asia Date or Asia Date respectively. Well, let’s start here: Type into your browser the domain name: Asian You will land on a page that appears to be “Asian”, and ostensibly is a new, exciting Asian dating website. So while it is true that Asian Date (Asian Beauties) does, by the very nature of its own complete ripoff activities, coincidentally protect you from outside scammers , there is unfortunately one monstrous scammer they fail to protect you from, and that is themselves. Back to the Asian Date-Asian Beauties dual personality. This may change as they get their act together, or more of us write about them, but when I joined about an hour ago on the same day I am posting this article, the welcome page on Asian invited me to complete my profile on Asian So here’s the final wrap on this little segment on Asian… We need to seriously endeavor to take a giant leap from this small community we have founded and try to expand across the internet the concept that honesty and decency are the true forces that must prevail.Are these companies simply turning a blind eye to, and therefore willfully profiting from, these obvious criminal activities of countless dating sites like Asian Date (aka Asian Beauties)?If so, aren’t they also guilty of aiding and abetting such activities?) of truly innocent victims out of millions (or hundreds of millions? The men have to be ready, willing and able to cough over money by the bucket full and the women are either innocent victims themselves, who have paid upwards of ,000 to ,000 to the Chinese Agencies representing Asian (er, excuse me, Asian and whose profiles are then used for numerous scam activities of which they are not aware, or they are simply false profiles of women who are in the employ of those same scamming agencies of the website.) of dollars, Asian has so completely lost credibility in the world of international online dating that it has attempted to superficially reinvent itself as Asian and Asia It’s important to close your browser so there’s no chance of missing how they are gaming people (and probably gaming Google too). You’ll land on almost exactly the same page, with one minor exception. (See photo #2 below) Note the line that says “The best Anti-scam protection in the industry.” GAG! What independent scammers could survive in that atmosphere? If sites like these are allowed to survive, if Google and Bing and Paypal and Visa and Mastercard and Baidu and countless other players on the internet continue to support them, then the internet, and the world, is lost to us normal members of the human race, and we are doomed to be the playthings of an entirely corrupt way of life on the internet.

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