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In addition, newly added web services which required shell configuration and a trusted SSL connection meant Exchange Professionals now required extensive PKI and shell expertise.

Exchange 2010’s release seemed to be dominated by two common types of support issues in my experience; load balancing and TMG configuration troubles.

A common theme I’ve found from each of these eras is how these skills are not becoming obsolete.

Power Shell skills are more important than ever, as is PKI knowledge.

Our diverse set of technology skills include: It is a powerful combination: a collaborative work environment, a broad set of skills, and keen business acumen.

As someone who works in the Exchange Support and Consulting world, this (Jan 2017) is actually a relatively slow period for us.

With that said, I’d like to detail some of the common support challenges I’ve seen during the lifetime of Exchange 2013/2016.

This experience comes not only as a Principal Engineer for a global support organization, but also as a moderator of an active Exchange community.

I still know little of the programming language itself but what I do know is the health of Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and the future Exchange 2019 relies on the health of . NET which is not supported on your currently installed Cumulative Update.

In my experience, it really depends which version we’re talking about, as I’ve seen a particular CU work fine with a particular unsupported . NET releases haven’t caused any issues in my personal experience.

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