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Mr Dawnay has withdrawn his planning application to build a bungalow.

But Wicklow County Council has taken exception to the large wooden shed, mobile home and storage container on the site and has issued an enforcement notice to have them removed Last month, Mr Dawnay's tree-felling machine was parked in the front yard of his wife's expansive homestead.

She had been living in a cottage on the property while her daughter and her family occupied the lodge.A year later -- in October 2005 -- he sold it "under financial pressure" and moved to France, where he worked on an agricultural farm for the purpose of "gathering money together".Before he left, he bought a plot of land "at a small consideration" so that he could continue his agricultural contracting business.As a result, he was under "severe financial pressure" and transferred the cottage to a limited company "to stay off creditors until he was in a stronger financial position".He continued to live there, however, and eventually was in a position to acquire it back in 2004.

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