Stuck at updating blizzard update agent

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I’m running an older video card and a newer processor, though (GTX 650 and Ryzen 5 1600). My brother is running an Intel processor, and he didn’t have any issues today.

I uninstalled through io Bit uninstaller, third party, does the stuff the control panel would do but more thorough.

I have an i5 and a GTX1070 *edit: I should add that I restarted my computer after uninstalling.

Uninstalling from add/remove programs and reinstalling worked.

“For players who continue to encounter issues, it is recommended that players delete their existing file.”This file can be found in: Users USER_NAMEAppdata Roaming Bungie Destiny PCprefs Note that when relaunched, the Destiny 2 application will generate a fresh file.I had to download all 13 GB of data again, but I’m back in.As far as differences: My brother and my son did not encounter this issue, while I did. Looks like most people did a windows update yesterday like me and then Overwatch wouldn’t launch.I would recommend exit so you don't have the service always running on your PC.The 2nd part you can see the option for When I launch a game, by default it sets it as keep the window open, I personally would choose exit completely.

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