Tips dating virgo woman

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They need an equal balance of time with you and time alone.Needy friends and mates won't last long with a Virgo.They are so obsessively neat and orderly that they literally can't function in any kind of chaos.Listen, we don't expect you to adhere by our ridiculous organizational standards.They have very little tolerance for people who don't give 100 percent to what they do, so at the very least, give 100 percent to your relationship with them, and understand that work typically comes before play.Virgos are super sociable and love being with people, but they are also fiercely independent and like to do things on their own.

Their motto is “no pain, no gain.” They work hard at everything, including their careers, their relationships, their parenting and their hobbies.Even we have a hard enough time living up to our own standards.But just try to have compassion for the fact that your Virgo has a little OCD, and it's unfortunately going to affect you.They value trust and honesty above all else, even if your honesty hurts.The upside is that they are very in tune with how people are feeling, and they will open the door to difficult subjects that need to be discussed.

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