Tired of playing dating games

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I can promise you this, happiness is not a destination it is a journey.Don’t look for it in someone else, look for it in the mirror.They usually do this because they want something from them, or even just because they want to have someone around but aren’t actually ready to commit to them.What to do when you’re sick of relationship games Relationship games get really old really quickly.They constantly leave the other person on their toes, feeling anxious and insecure. You never truly feel secure in the relationship, and you never really get to know your partner. There are a lot of reasons why someone would drag someone else along and play mind games with them in a relationship.As I’m sure you all know already, it seems as though guys tend to play more mind games than women do. People who play relationship games usually lead a person on, fake interest, and leave them confused as to how they really feel about them.It’s not enough anymore to just like someone, now you have to worry about an entire list of criteria to meet.Why do I feel like I’m going to a job interview for a first date? Social media and dating apps make it seem so easy, you can just tap on a picture or swipe and BOOM! How about the love of your next 5 minutes before you receive another match.

Her obsessions include diet coke, Pandora and anything smothered in peanut butter.

I became so consumed with “titles” and this fantasy, that I forgot to live.

It might sound like I’m bitter or judgmental, but the truth is I’m just a girl who fell in love with the idea of love and then everything changed.

You know the friend you have that seems to have awful luck in the romance department and always provides horror stories for good entertainment? It’s like a completely different world than when I was in high school, and my idea of dating was talking to a boy on the phone and then he asks me to be his girlfriend and that was that.

There were rarely any first dates because you already knew each other from school so it was less awkward and seemed harmless. When did this thing called dating become such a game?

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