Updating european cabinets

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I took all my pieces, stood them on their sides and sanded that part down as much as I could with the 220 grit sandpaper.

It won’t be perfect, but when you apply the primer and paint, it will fill that in petty well. Fill in all the spaces between the trim pieces and the nail holes in the trim.

On the bright side the cabinets are solid oak and were in overall great condition, but they were coated, and I mean coated in grease.

This house was a foreclosure, but I’m pretty sure that whoever lived here before us fried food in the kitchen daily.

Be sure to wipe it clean and so that there is no dust left on the doors.

Once they are all sanded it’s time to work on the trim (plywood strips).

I measured all my doors and decided on going with a trim width of 2.5″ and I’m very happy with that size.

Following the directions on your container let dry, and sand with 220 grit sandpaper until smooth.

It worked out well for me, but if you’re a super perfectionist, you might want to caulk here.

I did take my detail sander and sand the edges of the plywood again in any spots where it looked a little rough.

; )I did full length strips vertically first, and then filled in the tops and bottoms between those two strips.

Be sure to take this under consideration when you are measuring for your horizontal strips.

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