Updating kaspersky virus removal tool 7 0 validating software metrics a spectrum of philosophies

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To start itself at system boot, the virus saves a copy of its DLL form to a random filename in the Windows system folder, then adds registry keys to have invoke that DLL as an invisible network service.

The virus has several mechanisms for pushing or pulling executable payloads over the network.

On 12 February 2009, Microsoft announced the formation of an industry group to collaboratively counter Conficker.

The group, which has since been informally dubbed the Conficker Cabal, includes Microsoft, Afilias, ICANN, Neustar, Verisign, China Internet Network Information Center, Public Internet Registry, Global Domains International, M1D Global, America Online, Symantec, F-Secure, ISC, researchers from Georgia Tech, The Shadowserver Foundation, Arbor Networks, and Support Intelligence. Working group members stated at the 2009 Black Hat Briefings that Ukraine is the probable origin of the virus, but declined to reveal further technical discoveries about the virus' internals to avoid tipping off its authors.

The peer-to-peer command protocol used by variants D and E of the virus has since been partially reverse-engineered, allowing researchers to imitate the virus network's command packets and positively identify infected computers en-masse.

It can also be detected in passive mode by sniffing broadcast domains for repeating ARP requests.

The virus had spread across administrative offices, Navy Star/N* desktops aboard various Royal Navy warships and Royal Navy submarines, and hospitals across the city of Sheffield reported infection of over 800 computers.

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