Updating the software in you phone

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If it is, it can also help free up space on your device so you're ready for the upgrade.

How to get the app: What will I see when I run the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app?

Both have different versions of the OS (for example: 10, 8, and 7 for Windows and 10.12 or "Sierra" and 10.11 or "El Capitan" for Macintosh) so you may find that some updates only affect specific versions. page has instructions on finding your OS and version.

Smartphones and tablets have operating systems and versions as well.

The most common are i OS (on i Phones and i Pads), Android, Black Berry, and Windows Phone.

As with computers, phones and tablets may be restricted by what OS and version they can run by the hardware platform and manufacturer.

Smartphones and Tablets: updates are usually released and/or restricted by the hardware manufacturer.

Not all models may be able to run the most recent version of a mobile operating system, since the software that manages different hardware components - "drivers" - may not be compatible with a new version.

Otherwise see your instruction manual, or visit the website for your specific device or cellular carrier.

To learn more about Windows 10 Mobile for your smartphone please visit: Is your phone is ready for Windows 10 Mobile?

Use the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app to see if your Windows Phone 8.1 is eligible to update to Windows 10 Mobile.

Software programs such as Word, Excel, Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Symantec can also require updates and patches from time to time.

Phone and tablet apps release updates as well; check your app store or information within the app to see what the update will do.

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