Usher dating history

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In 1992, she made a brief cameo in the video for "Jump" by Kriss Kross.In 2000, she was featured in the made-for-television movies A Diva's Christmas Carol, Love Song (with Monica), and in the film Snow Day.In June 2009, VH1 announced the airing of a reality TV series starring Thomas.The series, What Chilli Wants, which documents Thomas's quest to find love and manage her life with the help of love and relationship expert Tionna Tee Smalls, premiered on April 11, 2010.She ceased production when work began on the next TLC album, 3D (2002).

Three genes are involved in USH2, namely, USH2A (USH2A), GPR98 (USH2C), and DFNB31 (USH2D).Type II (USH2) displays moderate to severe hearing loss, absence of vestibular dysfunction, and later onset of retinal degeneration.Its range of prevalence is 3.2–6.2/100,000 depending on the study [2, 4, 6–8].At age 20 Thomas became pregnant by producer Dallas Austin, however due to career aspirations and the outside pressures, she aborted the pregnancy.On her show, What Chilli Wants, she would reveal having regretted the decision.

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