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While GOES East is a dependable stable satellite, she loves the excitement of a brilliant lightning show. NOAA’s Jason-3 satellite, the latest in a series of spacecraft that measure the surface height of the global ocean, monitors the rate of sea-level rise and helps NOAA’s National Weather Service more accurately forecast the strength of tropical cyclones that threaten America’s coasts.She tracks the increase and location of these bolts of electricity through her Geostationary Lightning Mapper in a way no satellite has ever done before, providing critical first observations about developing storms to the weather community. As a love connection, Jason-3 can be a bit detail oriented and nitpicky.

According to, they see a 38 percent rise in new memberships from the period of Dec. If you’re wondering how long it will take you to find a significant other this year, Plenty Of Fish says it will take women who sign up in January eight weeks to find a significant other, and it will take men 10 weeks.

The wedding wasn't much, but the reception was incredible!

Along with New Year’s resolutions of joining a gym and losing the holiday weight, many singles are flocking to online dating sites during the month of January.

To ramp up your search and fill your date card starting immediately, follow these seven steps to help you get lucky in love this year.

Rather than updating your existing dating profile, here’s a little secret to help you stand out.

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