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Cat and dogs can also be vegan, and I would advise you to research their nutritional needs (cats are very different to us and dogs at the moment) so they too can transition to a kinder diet healthfully. When people make a conscious choice not to kill, this changes the collective so that animals are free to make their own choices as well.If the collective thought is kindness, so it will be. We have already seen so much evidence of wild “predators” adopting their prey, befriending their prey or choosing not to eat the flesh of others consciously as in the case of Little Tyke the lioness (see Secret Animal Business).So for now, join others in this journey in evolution, and consider going vegan!There are some great recipes in the links below, and a fantastic variety of tastes and treats.

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We were always taught it created mucous and I made sure my daughter never had it when she was growing up.Cows are beautiful, kind, intelligent animals who are very maternal and loving and they grieve with a passion that rivals any human.So this treatment is something that we can change with our voting dollars, and our voice.While being a vegetarian is often a fabulous first step or bridge for people transitioning to an animal-kind diet, we have to today consider the horrors of modern farming practises for the dairy and egg industry.If someone wants to keep a few chickens and with their permission eat the non-fertile eggs, that’s one thing.

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