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Initially, love eggs have been created for external stimulation of the erogenous zones, but their shape allows also penetrating applications: All these methods can be applied during masturbation, but they can be also used for partner sexual activity as a part of foreplay or during intercourse.The double egg vibrators are often applied for double stimulation of vagina and anus or anuses of both partners at the same time, or both vaginas during lesbian love making.

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For example, there can be the following patterns of vibrations: pulsating (short pulse-like vibrating sessions), escalation (vibrating motions that start with slow speed and stop abruptly), surging (mixture of pulsation and normal vibrating), etc.

This effect greatly enhances the pleasure experienced by the user.

They can also be referred to as egg vibrators or bullet vibrators, depending on their shape.

Egg vibrators are included in the group of the small and discreet sex toys that measure 2–3 inches in length and ¾ inches in width.

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