Whitney houston and denzel washington dating

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Parents need to know that characters face real-life difficulties.

One little boy's mother died and he's taken away to foster care because his grandmother is too old to care for him. " /A mother dies and her son Hakim is taken away by social services.

On the other hand (call me a Scrooge if you will), I'm not sure I'd want to see this movie at any other time of the year.

If not for the pervasive spirit of the season, something like this could easily send me into sugar shock. Director: Penny Marshall Cast: Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston, Courtney B.

The Preacher's Wife milks that quality for all it's worth.

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Sherwood and Leonardo Bercovici Cinematography: Miroslav Ondricek Music: Hans Zimmer U. The first is Gregory Hines, who plays an upper-class wheeler-dealer type ("he's so oily you could fry chicken on his smile").The second is Loretta Devine, who sparkles as Henry's hyperactive secretary.Henry Koster's 1947 release, The Bishop's Wife, earned Academy Award Nominations for both Best Picture and Best Director.Starring Cary Grant as an angel sent to earth to aid a struggling cleric, the film, which combines elements of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life, is a typical, feel-good, Christmas offering.

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