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Michael Stivic's first meeting with Archie (seen in a flashback) showed him to be a bearded hippie with a tie-dyed shirt.However, his wardrobe throughout most of the series was much more subdued; most often he wore a denim shirt, jeans, and boots.The character of Michael Stivic is an Americanized version of the British original: Til Death Us Do Part's Mike, the Trotskyist "randy Scouse git" who aroused the passionate ire of his arch-conservative father-in-law Alf Garnett.For the American version of this character, the Trotskyist angle was drastically softened.

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While this show was produced, most southern bigots were democrats.He blusters about his conservative, and often bigoted, viewpoints to anyone listening (or anyone nearby), much to the consternation of his liberal daughter and son-in-law.Regardless, underneath all of it is an ultimately good man who is willing to accept others with enough convincing and is happily married to his wife, Edith, who he adores. Edith is often naive and simple about a great many things, but her simplicity belies a folksy wisdom and observation about the world and other walks of life, and Archie usually defers to her decisions on bigger moral issues because of it.Archie and Edith's feminist daughter, and the wife of Mike.She often found herself to be the only rational member of the house, and often tried to separate the bickering between her husband and father.

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