Who is dating whom in bollywood carbon dating human

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Must Read: Fashion Blunders Of Celebrity Brides That You Must Avoid Yes, before these two heartthrobs entered Bollywood, they were reportedly associated with a Deol, daughter of superstars, Dharmendra and Hema Malini.

Ranveer Singh and Ahaana are believed to have dated each other during their college days for a short while.

During her modelling days, Bollywood’s leggy lass dated model and actor, Nihaar Pandya, for quite some time.

The two met at an acting school in Mumbai for the first time.

They dated for around two years before they had a major fight over a personal matter.

Aditya later married television actress, Megha Gupta.

In fact, he even mentioned on a chat show that his only serious relationship so far has been with her.

They dated for around two years after which, Arpita broke up with him.

Also Read: Revealing The Stunning Weight Loss Journey Of Alia Bhatt of one of the most prestigious Bollywood families, but do you know that way before this, she dated a guy named Rajeev Mulchandani?On Deepika Padukone's 30th birthday, Nihaar was interviewed by a leading daily and on being asked about his equation with Deepika, he mentioned: "Yes, we are very much in touch.It’s nowhere close to the way it has been portrayed so far with reports suggesting that both of us are waiting to run each other down or anything.And, in case you know of a few more ‘not-so-famous’ couples, then do tell us about them by dropping a message in the comment box below.Live-in, this word has, of late, become quite popular in India as well.

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