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We bake on a first-come, first-serve basis." (For the record, eventually a cake was made for Oprah when the bakery was given more notice.) That's not to say that Yeskey is unfazed by the luminaries who have appeared on the show.

She remembers when the Cakes crew was making a cake for George Lucas about a year ago.

"If something is going down, and I'm not there to see it, there's no question she's got my back." Years ago, it was Goldman who had Yeskey's back.

She was a freshman at UMBC in the fall of 1994, and Goldman was a sophomore, who also worked for the university's Office of Residential Life.

Now that the show has ended its five-year, 10-season run, there's a car seat, Diaper Genie, and baby toys littering the floor of the small room that once held cameras, electrical cords, and lights.

"From day one, when Duff [Goldman] bought the building, we joked that this would be the nursery," says Yeskey, who will share the space with administrative assistant Kerry Dillon and her baby (16-month-old Willow).

"Now it is." Becoming a mom for the first time isn't the only change for the 34-year-old Yeskey, who has gone from being the show's beloved commentator and office manager to the marketing director of Charm City Cakes.

' I didn't even know if I could afford to pay her." From the start, the duo complemented each other."I am this huge Star Wars fan," says Yeskey, smiling at the memory."Even though I couldn't contribute a lot to cake decorating, Duff said to me, 'You are coming with us,' because I think he knew if I hadn't gone, I would have quit my job!People think we only do cakes for 'famous people,' which breaks my heart.I've said no to some pretty famous people, including Oprah, because her production company called on a Monday and wanted us to be in Chicago with a cake on a Wednesday.

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